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1st August 2016

To whom it may concern,

I would like to personally thank all of the team at Honeydew Police Station for their amazing, prompt and sensitive support that they provided to my parents last week. My parents are semi-retired and live in Randpark Ridge. They were held up at gun point last week Wednesday evening in their home just after 07:00pm.

·         Firstly to the response team (whom I unfortunately did not get the names of – if anyone can confirm who they were that would be appreciated so I can thank them personally) thank you!  The response team got there before my husband and I did (we live 6 houses away). Both of them were very understanding and patient with my parents. They seemed to just calmly navigate the chaos that followed this sort of situations. Thank you for being there.
·         To Colonel Khana – thank you for your patience and calm energy and compassion in dealing with my parents.
·         To Detective Sisco – I have no doubt that you fully intend to and will catch these guys. Thank you and to the guy who took fingerprints (apologies as I again I did not get his name) for doing all you can to build a case against these attackers.

I was so deeply humbled by the amazing commitment and service provided to my family. We only ever hear negative things about the police and for me I was just blown away by everyone who came to help us. Thank you to each and every one of you for what you do and to the whole team at Honeydew for fighting the fight every day to make us safe.

Kind regards
Linda and Cito Otto and June and Jimmy Gomes


Good afternoon Linda

Thank you for taking the time and the trouble to thank the Honeydew SAPS Officers, even after your traumatic experience.

I will ensure that Brig. Sirkhot (Station Commander) receives this email. I will also forward it to the Detective Branch.

Carmel Wassman
Honeydew Community Police Forum Admin. Office

Hi all,

This is what we all strive for!
Great work all concerned.

Very best regards,
Tony Botes
Chairman CPF


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A group of concerned parents have set up an organisation called “Cool@School” to deal with the ways that crime is affecting our children emotionally, with them becoming scared, anxious, stressed, losing hope and feeling completely powerless.

It is planned to develop a program to empower children to deal with the ways in which crime touches their lives, which will be run at as many different schools as possible, in the hopes that it will, in the long run, enable children to become well-rounded adults who can lead our country in a positive way.

Visit their website at and see if there is any way you are able to help them.

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